Safer Homes

Housing associations too often fail to provide the safe, secure homes that people need. Tenants and residents suffer infestations, mould, damp, shoddy repairs and maintenance, anti-social behaviour, inadequate access for those with disabilities, and fire hazards.

Landlord complaints procedures don’t work. They are deliberately exhausting, demotivating, and fruitless. But tenants and residents are not powerless; we can organise collectively to bring about improvements.

Join us for our online Safer Homes conference:

Special Guest Speakers

Our conference will begin with two special guest speakers to help frame the discussion:

Phil Murphy possesses an unusual combination of work & life experience that give him a fairly unique and highly specialised perspective on high rise residential building fire safety. Phil has lived in three high rise blocks, is a former Firefighter and Fire Officer, is an experienced complex building compliance expert, and a tireless housing safety campaigner.

Truus Jansen is a housing association tenant and veteran of two successful campaigns, one opposing rent increases and another to ensure that safety hazards were addressed by her landlord. Truus has a deep commitment to housing causes, understands the need to collectivise the fight, and has a wealth of campaigning experience.

After the speakers introduce the conference, there will be an open discussion and campaign planning, and plenty of opportunity to get involved.

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